Patriots and Freedom Fighters Getting Together

We started seeing family, friends and patrons of our businesses losing their jobs, having no control or say in their medical care or their loved ones medical care. Policies and mandates were taking over freedoms and Civil Liberties. We knew that we had to do something and get people together, take action and give support. Local support and local action. We gather together who felt alone in understanding the big picture as to what is transpiring in our country and the world today.  Let's all figure out where we go from here. 


Feel free to look around. Click on our Facebook link or Instagram and see our Patriots and Freedom Fighters. 

Look to see who we like to support because they believe our cause is their cause. American Freedoms and Rights. 

Check to see events and meetings coming up.


We have a page where we want to lift up those that are local and who fight and stand up, against all odds.

There are resources and recommendations for local services that support and stand where we stand. 

Take a look at our Forums and discussions, there's so much to learn from everyone. Please, no hating on anyone, be respectful to each other.  People thrive in situations where others respect them and treat them with dignity.

If you know of any updates and would like to share please contact us and it'll be added to our events page. Click here to contact us